Image is everything. First impressions are important. There’s no getting around this. In our fast-paced world, there isn’t enough time to stop to think about what to wear. Deciding what looks best can be challenging when done alone. It helps to have an honest and stylish opinion.


Kisha Coleman has always had an adoration for helping others discover how it feels to look their best. A certified image consultant, she began her stylist career with one of the leading retailers in high fashion, and gained the necessary tools to educate and inspire clients on how to improve their image and style. With over 10 years experience, Kisha provides her clients with the expert advice they need to attain a well-rounded, stylish and professional wardrobe. From styling looks for opening night at the opera, to creating wardrobes for executive level management and stay-at-home moms, Kisha offers a wide array of experiences for a diverse group of clientele.


 “My goal is to help you find a style that highlights your best features and personality.”

– Kisha Coleman

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